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Sofia Expat Women's Association

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Welcoming and connecting women from around the world in Sofia!

Celebrating International Women's Day on 8th March 2023  at The Revolutionary restaurant

About Us

Sofia Expat Women’s Association (SEWA) is a non-profit organisation  whose aims and objectives include friendship and support for ex-pat women living in Bulgaria, often far from their home country, and to promote mutual understanding of our host country’s culture, traditions and lifestyle.  In addition,  members introduce each other to the culture, traditions, and lifestyle of their respective countries. We are currently  over 60  members, representing  more than 25 countries 

Mission & Values

Our mission is to build and support a huge community of international  women through our social activities and our charity work in Bulgaria.

BELONGING: We aim to make our members feel welcome and supported in Bulgaria.

HELPING: We are supporting several charity organisations and projects in Bulgaria .

RESPECT: We place a high value on courtesy, consideration of others and reliability.

FUN: Eating, laughing and playing together in all different forms brings happiness to our members.

FREEDOM: We believe in a spirit of open-mindedness and independence of thought and freedom in religions.


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