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Sofia Expat Women's Association

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We are a fun-loving group of members who enjoy the outdoors and good company, while getting in a bit of fitness.
The hikes are  mainly in the Vitoscha mountains or we make a walk in some of the wonderful parks in Sofia..
An average tour is between 1,5 to 2 hours. Sometimes we are stopping for a snack or make a picnic on the way.

This group is a great way to make friends, get fit and see the beautiful countryside our local region has to offer

Group leader: Lisa Freij

NOTE: We are looking for a new group leader, because Lisa Freij is leaving the country soon. If you want to step in, please contact the activity coordinator.

Get in contact with our

Fatma Senem Ustun

Membership coordinator:
Franziska Bieri


Complex Dianabad, BL  3 FL  9 Apt. 45, 1172 Sofia, Bulgaria

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